Friday, 29 March 2013

Tips to Successfully Cultivate Mushrooms

‘La Seta Magica’ is what they call mushrooms in Spanish. Various varieties of mushrooms have been popular for a fairly long time as the consumption of these mushrooms offer tremendous amount of physical and mental benefits to mankind. Mushrooms helps in boosting our immune system and thus aid in the prevention of numerous diseases like cancer. Today, a lot many people who have already mastered the art of growing shroom, and are inspiring others for the same. Growing mushrooms at home is a playful, easy and rewarding activity in which all members of your family can join in happily. All you have to do is to grow mushrooms in a controlled environ and follow the following tips:

·         Mushrooms are in fact a fungus that grows because of the diffusion of the spores.
·          There are various kinds of mushrooms. Most varieties of mushrooms can be easily grown at home; especially the button mushrooms, as these grow very easily on compost.
·         Woods, saw dust, etc are some of the best mediums to grow mushrooms, as these can easily retain dampness and thus provide the best environment for the growth of mushrooms.
·          The ideal temperature conditions needed for growing a successful mushrooms crop is 75 degrees F.
·         Spring season is the best time for growing various varieties of mushrooms.
·          You can also make use of mushroom grow kits, to grow mushrooms at home without any difficulty.
·          To facilitate safe breeding of the spores, you must cover the stopples with the wax of cheese flower.
·         Compost is the best for growing mushrooms. When your compost turns white, it only means that it is extremely rich in nutrients. Such compost is best suited for your mushroom farming project.
·         Mushrooms can be cultivated in especially designed large growing rooms or in a mushroom grow kit.
Following are the chief advantages of growing mushrooms at home:
·         You get to enjoy a yearlong supply of cheap, tasty, healthy, garden fresh, organic mushrooms.
·         You can make use of innovative methods to enhance your yield of mushrooms.
·         Mushroom farming can give a unique look and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen garden.
·         You can even sell your excess crop and make some quick money out of your hobby of growing mushrooms in your backyard.

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