Monday, 1 April 2013

Carefully & Smartly Growing Weed Indoors

Despite of the fact that man has been using cannabis for past numerous centuries, a lot of ignorance still prevails over the use and benefits of this wonder plant. Due to lack of our knowledge about the goodness of weed, most people have misunderstood this plant drastically. There are many countries where growing cannabis and its possession are strictly banned, hence:

·         The government agencies of these countries have special task squads appointed to keep a track on people who are directly as well as indirectly involved in the supply of these substances.
·         They keep a close watch on people involved in suspicious activities, so that they can effectively keep a check on people who are growing weed indoors or outdoors in their homes as well as farms. 
Growing Cannabis

In case you wish to grow cannabis indoors, and do not get caught, then you must learn to play smart and safe! You must keep the following in mind:
·         In order to safely grow cannabis indoors, you must keep all the required paraphernalia away from the sight of others.
·         You must also allocate a closet in very close proximity of your grow area, so that in case any visitor unexpectedly shows up, then within a minute you can quickly move your weed kit into it and avoid unnecessary troubles for yourself!
·         The smell of weed plant is extremely powerful and heady, so you must tackle this issue smartly.
·         Installing an extractor fan to pump out any such unwanted smell outside through a window into an area where it won’t be noticed, is a good idea to implement.
·         Using an exactor fan will also bring in fresh air into the room to further enhance the growth of your weed crop.
·         Indoor cultivation of weed with poor quality light bulbs and fixtures also augments the threat of fire outbreaks. Many times, the weed growers get caught during the police investigations, for showing the signs of growing marijuana.
·         Always invest in quality equipments and don’t use a lighting kit and fixtures that show any signs of damage as they are just not appropriate for indoor usage.
Keep your electricity consumption under a check while you try to grow weed indoors, as a sudden peak of electricity usage can be enough of an alarm for authorities to become very chary on your activities.

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