Monday, 11 March 2013

Successfully Growing Cannabis At Home

Throughout the course history, the cannabis has been grown, consumed and venerated by cultures all over the world. As recent as 1850, hemp plantations in the United States of America were producing this amazing plant for fabrics, medicines and other purposes. Today, many countries deem growing of this weed illegal, so in order to avoid any sort of trouble later on, one must check with the laws of their land before cultivating marijuana. Despite the efforts of the US government, today cannabis has become the number one cash crop in America, churning over $35 Billion per year!
Growing Cannabis At Home
 However, in past years several states have enacted Medical Marijuana Laws and now allow the use of marijuana as a form of medical treatment. In case you too want to make some extra cash then you can try a hand at Growing Cannabis At Home. For cultivating cannabis, you need to take good care of the specific needs and requirements of the plant. Only a good quality seed can produce a good plant that can ultimately be used to produce quality medicine. Your weed plant requires high light output levels to thrive, or else in the absence of proper wavelengths, THC/resin production will suffer greatly.

You can make use of the latest LED mixed red white/blue spectrum bulbs that are especially designed to cater to all growth needs of the weed plant. This LED bulb emit a spectrum of light that is absorbed 100% by the cannabis plant and also provide an additional wavelength, which increases resin and THC production in flowering plants. This simply means more yield in less time! Now commercial and medical growers can grow their crops in less time and have greater yields by using latest medium grow tents, clamp lights, PH test kit and hydroponics nutrients refills.

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