Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Basic Concept of Growing Magic Mushrooms

You must have heard quite a lot of your friends and associates claiming to have grown magic mushrooms on their own, with great results. The fact of the matter is that just about anyone can easily grow shrooms indoors, provided each step that is recommended in the growing procedure is followed properly. If you too are keen on growing magic mushrooms indoors and want to get proper information about the easiest way to go about it, then it is best to familiarize yourself with the basic procedure first. Remember that per planning and preparations play a very important role if you truly want desirable results in growing your own shrooms.
Involve Yourself in Growing Magic Mushrooms

The most important point to keep in mind is that your growing medium or substrate must be thoroughly mixed with the right proportions of brown rice, vermiculite and water. If you want to Involve Yourself in Growing Magic Mushrooms on Your Own then it is important to prepare the substrate with the right proportion of raw materials. Next take eight to ten half pint glasses jars and fill up the substrate in each jar and close all the lids tightly. Then place the glass jars in a pressure cooker or a large vessel and sterilizing the substrate thoroughly. The glass jars must be left to cool off completely.

This might take about four to five hours. After the entire substrate cools off, it must be injected with the plastic syringe which is full of mushroom spores suspended in a liquid various places. Sterilization kills all the bacteria and germs thereby making the substrate ideal for the mushroom spores to colonize after inoculation. The helium formed due to colonization must be then taken out from each jar. You must be careful while taking out the cakes. Next place each cake into the terrarium for the final fruition or flush of mushrooms to grow. The basic idea to involve you in growing magic mushrooms is quite a good one. This way you can get fresh mushrooms that are grown within the clean environs of your home.

Most magic mushrooms available at the local market are likely to be full of dust and dirt and are not exactly what you would consider hygienic. So, it is best to try and grow your own shrooms. There are also many easy to grow kits available at many plant stores that provide genuine stuff. You can pick up one such kit if you are a novice and want to give growing your own shrooms a try.

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