Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Get a gist of growing weed indoors

If you are contemplating on the idea of building up the courage of growing your own weeds then it is better to first get a basic idea of how the growing procedure is done. Get a gist of growing weed indoors to get well acquainted with the procedures involved.

If you are a first time grower then there are bound to be apprehensions in the beginning.

However, there is no need to get disheartened by hearsay and when friends and acquaintances tell you about their not so fruitful results in growing their own weeds, well, just remember that there ought to have been some problem with the way they conducted the entire growing procedure.

Always keep in mind that growing weed indoors is not after all such a difficult task, if you take and follow instructions provided by us seriously.

The entire procedure to grow cannabis or weeds requires certain important factors to be followed. If you manage to do that then there’s no stopping you from getting freshly grown weeds of your own.

The best way to go about growing weed indoors is to use the hydroponics method. This is a very safe and non fussy method that involves the utilization of a growing medium that replaces the soil which is used for outdoor growing of plants.

A growing medium is basically porous and the seed of the weed is placed on it. You will need a bright HID or LED light that replaces the sunlight and helps your weeds to grow to full potential. 

As soon as the seed germinates it is transferred to the terrarium which is placed slightly under the medium. This stage is known as the vegetative phase.

Water mixed with essential nutrients is poured into the medium. The strong lights must be kept on for at least 14 hours and switched off for the next 8 hours during this stage.

There are certain essential factors like maintain the pH balance of the terrarium while the weeds grow during this stage.

Remember that the normal pH balance should be maintained between 6 to 8. If it is too less the plants will not develop properly and if it is too much then chances are that it will kill the weeds altogether.

After the plants reach to a height about six inches, which it will after almost two to three weeks time, reduce the lighting period to about 12 hours.

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